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within the workshop program AT 303 Visual Communication of AFAD.


Visual group HACHOMA
⊗ Alžbeta Halušková
⊗ Šimon Chovan
⊗ Marek Mati


Creating a communication channel or improving the communication of the Theater in Žilina with its viewers and inhabitants and its areas in the form of visual communication tools.

Preparatory phase

Within the weekly workshop, it was necessary to get the most available data of the Theater as the starting points and analysis of the environment, financial background, visitors, structures of visitors to the theater and potential visitors from Žilina. The relevance of the data is questionable, but the goal was to collect at least 100 responses from people of different ages, sexes, occupations, or attained levels of education. This data was later the basis for creating a communication channel design.

History of the Theater and its image

After the data collection came the phase of realizing the historical connotations of the theater’s transformation, its architecture, its cultural and political life in Zilina. The theater currently has a well-established program of progressive theater with a portfolio of performances and events for a wide audience from demanding to small-sized audiences. Still, although theater visitation is high the desire of the management has led to an even greater spectator spectrum, awareness of competition, etc.

Edo Kudláč and his lecture

Edo Kudláč’s lecture on the functioning of theater, its aspects, the program and the future was fundamental to our project. Inspiration by progressive productions, the positioning of theater among other theatrical projects in the Slovak Republic. The theater is not only progressive, but it also creates a certain amount of controversy over some performances. Characterism is courage and experiment.

Formal transformation of the idea

After consultation with Anton Šulík (theater director), theater management and staff, and other lectures and discussions on the possibilities and needs of a broad public theater presentation, we have defined several possible forms for individual information messages to the public.


Description of the final solution

We have come to the solution within the area possibilities of the Theater – Andrej Hlinka Square and Zilina Railway Station as the focal points of many possible present or future receptionists from the theater. Since we chose the theater program for the most important to communicate, we decided to tap the information board at the railway station and put in our own links. The structure of the data on the board was very similar to the structure of the place and time of the performance, we just used them. The result would be to include invitations for presentations directly at the station between the arrival and departure reports. Žilina station is a transport hub, so the reach of such information would be immediate and wide-ranging.

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