JAJA game

Specification 95%
Game design 50%
Illustration, motion 95%
Code & development 100%
Print 80%
Digital Print Mixed media Motion Book
Problem & Solution

Story concept, graphic design, and illustration, animation, game design, programming.


I picked up the regular gaming concept that has been in the computer games since I remember – collecting gold and slightly turning it against the player. Since Game is a World in which as a creator I can set my own rules, one of the rules has happened that when I take something, it will somewhere else be missing. That’s why in this game of stolen things there is a world in which we find it more difficult.


It’s actually a bit of an assault on a player, I admit. But I leave him how to deal with this bruise. JAJA is suited to the archetypal and animal world, perhaps I can also use the expression – the environment. It works with instinctive emotions. If a player needs to collect further, more and more, he actually caught the trap I had been preparing for him.


Another self initiated project: Volume 1 →

Client Self project
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Japonské drevorezy1
Hasegawa Tohaku: Borovicové stromy
InGame screen: Náhľad úvodnej obrazovky hry.
InGame screen: Náhľad obrazovky hrania.
JAJA / Posedenie
JAJA / Publikácia detail na predsádku
JAJA / Publikácia typografia
JAJA / Publikácia vnútro
JAJA / Publikácia obálka
JAJA / Publikácia detail na predsádku 1
JAJA / Ukážka hrania
JAJA / Publikácia detail na zadnú stranu
JAJA / Hranie 2
JAJA / Projekcia hry na plátno
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