Research 95%
Multimedia 90%
Graphic design 75%
Development 70%
Print 60%
Digital Print Motion Mixed media Spatial Book
Problem & Solution

What is the relationship of odor/fragrance and visual stimulus?



Create a design presentation of the Academy in a given 6 × 6 × 6 m cube area. Give content or subtract content. The structure, the microflora, the bonds, the connection of our school. Something that can be done graphically. Clearly define the idea, clearly occupy the space, give a clear message of the whole, deal with the connections between the art space and architecture.


You have to look at it through designer optics. We are the author of everything that will be there. Work with space itself, dividing, bounding, marking (conceptual suggestions). Design tools.

Transcription of fragrance into the visual

Preserving the fragrance and its intensity as a supporting element of visual data


On the one hand, fragrance and on the other hand a visual smell. The relationship between these two variables is opposite, when I increase the intensity of the fragrance I try to weaken the visual perceptions. The mechanism, the system, and the things to materialize must be invented.

The primary idea was to illuminate the whole room and weaken the light by injecting fragrances. This led me to grid animation – controlling light intensity. The smell of one of the studios I want to slowly push the bottom and go through the whole process until it is completely exfoliated. Then the smell of another atelier can be created and in one room we present the studios.

Kocka 6x6x6 video screen 7
Kocka 6x6x6 detail na koňa
Kocka 6x6x6 / detail na kocky
Kocka 6x6x6 / detail na kocky 2
Kocka 6x6x6 / detail na predelovú stranu so ženami
Kocka 6x6x6 / detail na pattern
Kocka 6x6x6 / obálka
Kocka 6x6x6 / predsádka
Kocka 6x6x6 / úvodná strana / obsah
Kocka 6x6x6 / strana s textom / typografia
Kocka 6x6x6 / strana centrálna predelová so skladačkou
Kocka 6x6x6 / strana A Je To
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