Problem analysis 90%
Naming 90%
Identity design 95%
Merchandise design 40%
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Problem & Solution

Naming, logotype, identity, merchandise and visual concepts.


Good communication and collaboration with the client is half of the success. A client who is „untouched“ but has clear goals is the dream of a designer. The assignment was a complex solution of the foundations and tone of communication of a smaller company.

As the clients of the company have a very good experience with the CEO Andrea Mangová, one of the possibilities of naming was simply MANGÓ.

The idea of ​​Mango identity is number (accounting) and fruit (health). I created a logotype on the slightly modified skeleton of Ondrej Jób typeface — ION. Emphasis was placed on mathematics, health, credibility.


Mangó — Healthy accounting works with a lot of documents. Therefore, I consider it important to maintain transparency of communication in the office as well. I have proposed a solution to color coding these documents: green (economic indicators in order), yellow-orange (showing some shortcomings) and red (warning that something is wrong). This is how we can make communication more transparent. Similar projects: Logos → Veles Wood → Mojša studio →

Client Andrea Mangová
Typeface Ondrej Jób
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Mangó logo farebnosti
Mangó typografia
Mangó identita
Mangó dizajn manuál
Mangó Mango
Mangó music
Mnagó taška
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