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Patterns work not only as a visual tool, but also in our everyday stereotypical behavior.


The goal was to subdue sometimes unacceptable or incomprehensible patterns of behavior and create a visual metaphor for them. Sometimes they become hypnotic in their repetitiveness. Each pattern repeats itself indefinitely. There is actually their power in them, and in this is the force of the gif format. I experimentally mix and learn to animate in two ways, drawing and digital vector animation.

The result is websites and over 50 gifs sorted into different categories of behavioral formulas.

The site is published as a standalone project @

Webdizajn: Náhľad úvodnej obrazovky webu.
Gif Mr. Proper
Gif odmietnutie 2
Gif odmietnutie
Gif čierno-biela bielo-čierna 3
Gif čierna práca
Gif podaj prst
Gif v rade
Gif čakanie 2
Gif čierno-biela bielo-čierna
Gif čierno-biela bielo-čierna 2
Gif dig more
Gif nebezpečný mier
Gif punkový ježek
Gif punk´s not dead
Gif punk noise 3
Gif čakanie
Gif nabíjanie
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