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Art concept 90%
Object design 90%
Digital Object Mixed media
Problem & Solution

An object that works with natural technologies. Interactive connection begins by touching a natural substance that triggers a sound loop. It becomes an extension of the perception of nature.


As soon as someone touches one of the four objects, they begin to play the sound sample. Samples are the extensions of individual objects and should lead to subduction and metaphorical consideration, to induce a meditative situation. An important moment for me is the interconnection of technology and nature into one functioning unit and the change of expectation. Similar projects: Atomic structure → In cube →


The project was created under guidance of Roman Mackovič @AFAD.

Sound objects / Arduino
Sound objects / Objekty detail
Sound objects / Objekty detail 2
Sound objects / Objekty detail 3
Sound objects / Komplex

Sound objects / Komplex / Documentation: © Roman Mackovič, Archive

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