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Logo for a fashion designer and her collections. Collaboration on the pictogram and the custom made typeface „Matieva wide“.

Wood Sign

Logo for the first crafted Premium & Luxury pen tools @Slovak republic.

Veles Wood

Logo for craftsman who make wooden objects inspired by the duality of the Old-Slavonic divine mythology. The logo contains a custom-made VelesWood Neue font based on the detail of the woodcut graphic.

MOJŠA studio

Visual Identity for a newly established local massage studio providing health care and healthy lifestyle services.

Calendiari – online reserve system

The online app logo comes from a simple and memorable „C“ glyph and a shining shadow. The design is inspired by the sun — clock — calendar.


A company providing services in the field of VR technology for interiors of flats, homes, recreational facilities, galleries or cultural monuments.


Redesign of the logo from the 90s. The company provides bicycle service and bicycle sales both online and offline.


A company making industrial furniture from used teakwood.The requirement is to combine the quality of craft and industrial shift.

DAR studio

Full service architectural studio. The logo is based on the basic parameters of the company’s „D“ dream / design, „A“ architecture, „R“ reality and visually unifies them on the basic structural rules of the isometric cube.


Custom font / lettering. Typographical mark for a personal project. Maybe something is missing too. Or not.

Operational Program Research and Innovation

The line in the middle symbolizes loading – a tech icon. I have determined the years 2014—2020 as the most important message to be communicated as the project is about innovation and development between these years.

Mangó – healthy accounting

Accuracy, math, number, fruit. The logotype is based on a modular font, while its part Ó acts as a separate pictogram.

Mangó →

Fortuna Libri a Fortuna Junior

Both logotypes are a competition proposal for the Book Publishing House. One deals with adult titles, with second titles for children. As the main symbol I chose — the historic portrayal of the ancient statue of Fortuna, which brought happiness to the people or took it on the contrary.


Logotype for Slovak souvenir shop. Visual is based on the simple combination of letters – individual segments.


The women’s hockey team logo is always a challenge. It’s something like an archetypal sign, a totem that helps win matches or starts moral boost.

LH car service

The pictogram is based on the negative geometric shape of the key, which, after laser, becomes the key to tighten the nuts.


Draft redesign for Slovak bathroom company.


The concept of a new logotype design for a Slovak company dealing with the distribution of animal food.


Proposal for a logotype of a schizophrenia-specific project.


Two different approaches to designing a logotype for a company with specific requirements almost exclusively on online marketing and a number of cloud product solutions.

Str Trans spedition

Slovak company with a focus on spedition throughout Europe. We created together a logotype communicating in the positive space of SR and adding a negative space STR.

Slovak Wolves

Logo / symbol for an amateur league hockey club playing at the border of Slovakia and Moravia..


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