Life is only one

Typography 90%
Design & Layout 90%
Illustration 90%
Print Book
Problem & Solution

Typography, book design, layout & cover illustration for ecological activist Erik Baláž.


Erik is a soul & body ecologist, nature conservationist, her enthusiastic student. He is able to talk about nature with a constant interest, fascinated by life in any form & perceives it all around him. The book of interviews moderated by Katarína Bartoňová brings two parallel stories. Erik’s personal one & story of the nature.


The aim was to create a readable & clear layout with focus on content of the Life is only one publication. The fonts used (Greta TextBrenner Sans) ensure these parameters with a slight inclination to the factual literature that the book is. Special attention was paid to the rhythm of reading & alternating questions vs. answers. This is solved by a slightly atypical typographic solution.

The book is available for purchase: Artforum bookstoreArolla film store (special edition with a signature).

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Client Bajkal Publishing
Print ARIMES Bratislava
Paper HOLMEN, 80 g/m2
Binding Paperback
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