MOST Awards

Identity 90%
Motion 90%
Webdesign 70%
Prize design 40%
Digital Identity Motion Web design
Problem & solution

Redesign of Awards visual, web design, animation of identity elements, animations in social communication, a design of 3D awards.


MOST highlights young people who, with their good ideas and willingness to collaborate, make the world a better place. At the same time, it points to the exceptional projects in Slovakia that initiated young people and serve as motivation for others. The visual identity was created by a typographic play of the Slovak childhood game – „Céčka“. The principle of engagement is the strongest moment of appreciation that gives motivation to young people for further work. Similar projects: Atomic structure → KEBABB showcase →


The MOST Awards website (Currently out of date).

Client Slovak Youth Council
Typeface Ivana Palečková
Direction Marek Franko



MOST webdizajn
MOST rendery
MOST plagáty
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