Res Publica
Visual identity design 90%
3D animation design 90%
Web design & Development 90%
Print & illustration 90%
Event Design
Problem & Solution

Complete design solution for the Awards ceremony event incl. visual identity, webdesign, animation & prints.


Font animation

Font project


Res Publica is an award for young people who are trying to change things around them for the better. It is intended for those who believe that public affairs concern us all. The competition was attended by projects of young people who improve their surroundings, help the community or bring new, creative ideas with their activities. From the nominated projects, RmS Slovakia selected a total of 12 finalists in three categories – Eastern, Central and Western Slovakia. Web page of the Project.


The aim was to visually communicate the basic principles of preserving civic activity, historical political context, but also a progressive approach to the civic life of young people. This was reflected in both online and offline graphic outputs, which included 3D animation, video mapping, poster creation, web design & development, social communication posts or sculptures of the awards. Elias Hanzer’s variable font & open source 3D models from various available archives were used in the project to create flexible but compact visual language.  Similar Project: Most Awards →

Client RmS Slovakia
Print UV DoubleP Bratislava
Variable typeface Elias Hanzer
Web platform Wordpress
Animation 3D models
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