Veles wood

Identity 90%
Logo 90%
Prints 40%
Print Identity Typography
Problem & Solution

Creating an open visual communication concept, logo, custom typeface, and prints for handicraft and decorative wood products.


Veles Wood is a craftsman with a small workshop that manufactures wood products from older, decayed or residual wood. He approached me about creating a logo and demanding to keep the name of the workshop – Veles Wood. The name originates from the Old Slavic dual god. Both look at his dark and light face that the craftsman uses when choosing and working with the material.


The output of our collaboration is the study of communication of products and product editions, the possibilities of communication on social networks, the short design manual, the printing and labeling of products. Unfortunately, this project is still waiting for further development in various other forms (web, catalogs, etc.). Related projects: Logos → Mojša studio → Mangó →

Client Veles Wood
Typeface Custom: Marek Mati
Print Varínska tlačiareň




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