Volume 1

Data analysis 90%
Editorial 90%
Data visualisation 95%
Publication 90%
Print Book Mixed media
Problem & Solution

Examining the online behavior of the cultural and artistic community.


Book Volume 1 is an infographic collection. Contains data that collects Facebook from its users. Selected data refers to various key concepts that link the cultural and artistic environment.


The importance of Volume 1 has two layers. On the one hand, since digital data is difficult to grasp and change, it plays with them by freezing them into the physical media of the historical chronicle and offering the reader a closer look at them. On the other hand, it reveals a Facebooks tool that keeps and evaluates different data. The book should be an impulse for a public debate on the nature of data collection and the balance between technology and its consumption.

Volume 1 was one of the Slovak National Awards finalists for Visual communication. Similar Project: V4 infographics →

Client Self project
Print Varínska tlačiareň
Paper Pergraphica 120gm
Binding J+D kníhviazačstvo
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