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Creation of logo, design of jerseys and hockey accessories, custom typeface design


The problem with sports brands is that everyone wants to have a predator chest and look rough. This limits our designers to the ever-decreasing number of raptors living here on the Earth, not to mention that not everyone in Slovakia wants to have a dolphin jersey.


Entering the Slovak Wolves project was the creation of a unique wolf symbol that will represent the ice hockey team. As a former active player, I know that identifying a team with a symbol is almost like a feeling of cohesion in tribal culture. The symbol should connect players even in the most difficult hockey moments, while at the same time creating a respect for the opponent. The Slovak Wolves name was given and in the client’s view is unchanged. The problem is the unique styling of a symbol so overused as a wolf not only in hockey, but especially in the territory of Slovakia. However, he is deliberate, noble, and a few of them are still in the Tatra Mountains. That’s why I chose the boundary between the abstraction and readability of the symbol. On the one hand, it expresses its predilection with its curves, on the other hand, it is based on its typical features, which can become an unmistakable team identification. At the same time, it works with the fan as an active observer, who can think of the symbol by associating him with the team as its unmistakable part.


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Client Slovenskí Vlci
Typeface Custom
logo slovenskí vlci
tričká slovenskí vlci
slovenskí vlci brankár
slovenskí vlci v hre
slovenskí vlci brúsenie korčulí
slovenskí vlci brúsenie korčulí
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