Marek Mati


• This code of ethics serves to clarify mutual expectations of cooperation between us and to help us connect on a level of values.

• For the work of a graphic designer, the primary values are personal freedom, justice, equality, trustworthiness, originality and decency. In my work, I try to promote these values in society.

• The main principles that guide me in my work are impartiality, balance, objectivity, honesty, truthfulness and responsibility.

• I respect the internationally recognized human rights of all people, including minority groups. At the same time, reserving one’s rights must not interfere with the freedoms of others.

• This business is a safe place for LGBTQI+ people and queer people.

• This business openly condemns Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine as a crime against humanity.

• I do not tolerate open or hidden expressions of racism, homophobia, aggression, oppression or violence to any extent and I strongly oppose them both privately and publicly.

• When cooperating, I start from the assumption of mutual equality, respect, decency and respect for expertise.

• When discussing, I am guided by facts. I try to listen carefully and keep it factual, objective and critical.

• In production, I take into account the principles of positive environmental impact, I use materials from renewable sources and a low level of environmental pollution, and I promote local production with a short distribution route, low emissions and a carbon footprint.

• I believe that NGO’s, active civil society or even clients with less economic power have the right to a high-quality visual communication product. In some cases, we can agree on Pro Bono cooperation. It is enough to explain the reasons, and the purpose of the project, and I will immediately consider such a request. The assessment will take place based on the degree of positive social contribution of the project, the setting of its time frame and my current workload.

• I will not work with businesses that knowingly pollute the environment, mislead, lie, exploit, break the law or their products cause addictions to their employees/customers.

• I reserve the right learn and to make mistakes, their critical reflection is the basic way to move forward in life.

• Although graphic design and a career are high on my list of interests, there are more important values in life and I make decisions accordingly.

Rules are meant to be broken, but these are firm. If you notice that I am not following these rules, please let me know.